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Precepts Series #2: The Living Christ Video Series

NOTE: Come to this page after completing the first Precepts course,The Fundamentals of the Christ-life. We urge all students to start with those basic concepts first. This series may not be correctly understood without a firm grasp of the basic elements taught in the Fundamentals series.

The Precepts advanced lessons in The Living Christ series focus on in-depth spiritual realities pointed out in the Bible which enable us to really apply our Bible studies to daily life in Christ. All lessons range from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

NOTE: More videos are being added to this collection.

LCV-Living Christ Video Album

Living Christ as You See Your Life through Galatians 2:20
3 Lessons

LCV-Walking in the Spirit Video Album

Living by Christ's Spirit in You
3 Lessons

LCV-In Whom You Believe Video Album

Knowledge: The Importance of How & What You Understand
4 Lessons

LCV-The Lydia Heart Video Album

A Lydia Heart Open to Paul's Gospel

LCV-Growing Up as Believers Video Album

Our Maturing Process after Salvation
8 Lessons

LCV-Christ-life in Christmas

Celebrating the Christ-life in Christmas

LCV-God's Intent & Purpose Video Album

God's Grand Plan before Creation: Why Are We Here? What Is He Doing?
4 Lessons

LCV-John's Gospel: The Bridge Video Album

Gospel of John, Introduction of the Christ-life Gospel
5 Lessons

LCV-The Mind of Christ Video Album

The Mind of Christ Available
12 Lessons

LCV-The Seed Video Album

The Incorruptible Seed Planted in Every Believer
5 Lessons

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