Life in the Upside-Down World #2

By Warren Litzman

A man asked me what I meant by the world being upside-down. It means the world, as created by the Creator, has not been changed, it is the humans who live in it that have turned it upside-down. They live not as the Creator intended his creatures to live, but according to their own desires.

The Creator told the first couple how they should run the newly created world; but instead of doing what the Creator said, they heard the voice of Satan. They listened to him and did what he wanted, thinking they would be as smart as the Creator. In so doing, the entire plan for the operation of the world was turned upside-down. Nothing ever worked out the same again as the Creator had planned, and it is still the same to this very day.

The young couple, taking their cue from Satan, applied a whole different knowledge to the operation of the world. That knowledge was the knowledge of good and evil. The same knowledge was ratcheted up several times more through the generations, but it is still the same old thing Satan gave the young couple back in the garden. Look at politics, religion, or big business as examples.

An upside-down world is where humans still apply the knowledge of Satan, hoping everything will work out alright and they will come out on top. The Creator’s plan for the operation of the world is not in place; humans make their own laws, trying to perfect the knowledge of good and evil. This knowledge has permeated humanity today until they know of no other way to live. As the result, it is many times more difficult to live and get things done today than ever before. Thus, the world is upside-down because the crooked, the lying, and the hateful have found ways to cheat others. The world is upside-down because governments in this world cause greater problems while trying to fix things to make everybody happy. It is as Satan said to the young couple, “Ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5). All these so-called “gods” have fixed the world so that it cannot be run according to the Creator’s intention. But there is an answer. See you next time.     

© Copyrighted 2008 by Warren Litzman


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