Life in the Upside-Down World #1

By Warren Litzman

A young, beautiful couple stood before their Creator.

They had done something awful. They had been given explicit instructions regarding how to operate their new world; however, they ran into someone else who had his own ideas to twist the way the world would run. When the young couple listened to this evil one, they believed what he said, even though they already had the true information and authority necessary to rule over the world. They disobeyed the truth.

They disobeyed the truth and took the advice of the evil one; and instantly the beautiful world they lived in turned upside-down. This meant their purpose, everything they had been created for, would never work the same again. Their human creation was premised on the world the Creator had finished. The Creator would not tolerate a new understanding, a human knowledge of good and evil, to run His perfectly created world. So, since this moment in time, no human has ever been able to straighten out this world.  If you don’t believe it, just take a look at American politics! Many have tried to fix the world, but the Creator is adamant. The world is upside-down and will not change.

© Copyrighted 2008 by Warren Litzman



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