Life in the Son Magazine

A journal dedicated to teaching the great message of Christ in you, the hope of glory (Col. 1:26-27). Warren Litzman founded Life in the Son magazine in 1962, and it has since been a teaching resource for those who want to learn more about who they are in Christ. Life in the Son has been the #1 missionary for Christ-life Fellowship.

Life in the Son magazine is now out of print. We offer below our digital library of archived issues from 2003-2013.

Tech Talk

You will need a pdf reader on your digital reading device to read these Life in the Son magazines. To use the free Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader 7.0 or greater is required. Click the button below to download the latest free Adobe Reader software if you don't already have it. Google Toolbar is optional. For the best user experience when using dial-up Internet access, please save the PDF file to your computer desktop first, and then view it from there.


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