WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc. Copyright/Translation Policy

Warren and Robbie Litzman have been so blessed with people who have fallen in love with this message and developed a burning desire to spread the Christ-life message to other languages. There is real need worldwide for the in-Christ message. We love to see the passion this message produces in hearts around the world, and we want this message of truth to take flight to all cultures as our many students become teachers.


All materials are owned and copyrighted. Any copying, storing, or manipulation of WRLitzman Grace Media materials requires first obtaining written permission by WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc., in Dallas, Texas, USA, specifically by managing editor Teresa Ferraro. All translation, copying, reproduction, and publishing involving WRLitzman Grace Media materials are directed by committee and overseen by Teresa Ferraro. All efforts of translation, reproduction, and/or publishing of any kind outside those performed by both Teresa Ferraro and WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc. violate copyright laws.

We have established policies, oversight, and processes for publishing and translating our materials. All translation, copying, reproduction, and publishing projects must be approved with written documentation by a committee, never by an individual or by verbal agreement. All translations refer to and depend solely on the King James Bible or non-English Bible translations based solely on the Textus Receptus New Testament translation, which must be approved by the copyright owners. All WRLitzman Grace Media material are copyrighted.

Internet/Digital/Social Media

Publicly posting published content violates our copyright and our distribution agreements with publishers and retailers, jeopardizing our business relationships and our reputation. We ask all organizational and individual webpages displaying our publications and other content to please remove them and replace them with links to only those materials made freely available either on the WRLitzman Grace Media website on the Christ-life Fellowship website and Facebook page. We offer select quotations and excerpts on our Christ-life Fellowship Facebook page, which friends are welcome to forward. Otherwise, we must insist no WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc. content be displayed on websites, threads, social media, or any other form. The best way to share us online is to simply link to or refer to our website.

Appropriate Ways to Share This Message

There are appropriate ways to share the in-Christ message.

  1.   Recommend or gift Christ-life materials.
  2.   Provide a URL link to the material’s page.
  3.   Write one’s own material in one’s own language using one’s own words and understanding.

Quotations are appropriate when they:

  • explicitly state who is being quoted and the quote,
  • can easily be distinguished from the writer’s own words and ideas,
  • are presented as quotations and correctly cited with reference to the source material,
  • are small bits of text, few in number, and don’t make up a large part of the material using the quotation.

Problems in Translation

We walk a fine line between wanting to spread this wonderful message freely as far and wide as possible to the ends of the earth, and yet solemnly and soberly honoring our responsibility to protect this message and ministry, keeping the message as pure as possible and free from abuse.

If and when we endeavor to translate our materials, we guard and work to translate this very unique message correctly, which hinges on specific requirements. First, this requires everyone involved to have mature knowledge and experiential understanding of the Christ-life message. It also requires advanced language and grammar skills in both languages to deliver precisely equivalent interpretation from one language to another language, as well as good understanding of connotations and traditions in specific cultures.

Many translation projects have broken down either where full and accurate understanding of the message was lost or a precise linguistic or cultural translation could not be achieved. Many English words simply don’t have accurate equivalents in other languages and the meanings get changed. Some languages, such as Spanish, differ widely throughout many regions.

For these reasons, the copyright owners do not allow translating, copying, reproducing, transcribing, or publishing any of our materials, books, booklets, magazines, recordings, audio or video, in any and all formats, including but not limited to digital, on the Internet, or any hard copy. We take very seriously our responsibility to guard this message and communicate it accurately and purely. We expect those who love this message and this ministry to honor our decision. Otherwise, legal action may be necessary.

We thank our members and friends for their support and continued work in the ministry of spreading the in-Christ message and for helping us secure this precious message.

Warren and Robbie Litzman
WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc.

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